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Ultimate goal of life is Joy. Joy comes quite naturally. As they grow, the complexity of life starts chipping away their innate sense of happiness. It is therefore essential to take steps quite early in life to put toddlers on the right path.
That's where Joy consultancy comes into picture with vision and resourses to make a difference by training children physical and mental fitness particularly those aged 0-7 years for a life of pure joy.

…………Ultimate goal of Joy consultancy.

  • Joy consultancy developed an innovative, well defined curriculum with unique teaching practices which encourages children to learn at their own pace. Designed after an extensive research and a comparative analysis in collaboration with eminent academics, the curriculum provides an opportunity to grow with multiple skill sets and emerge as winners. It kindles their curiosity and prepares them for the new global challenge emerging every day.

  • The Joy consultancy empowers teachers and staff to standardize instruction delivery and enhance student's achievement across the campuses. Joy consultancy organizes orientation programs, trainings refresher courses in various disciplines for the Joy teachers to make education more meaningful and learner oriented. It also provides them with all kinds of learning opportunities for using modern trends effectively in the classrooms.

  • Years of focused mentoring has made a number of outstanding individuals. Joy consultancy trained teachers are mentors in the real sense. Their brilliance in teaching and using innovative methods to impart education ensures successful learning. Their focus on self-excellence through constant learning helps them bring out the best in children.

  • The teachers at Joy consultancy use a variety of creative techniques such as role plays, field trips and inner reflection to involve the child closely and actively in processes of gathering, understanding, absorbing and using knowledge. And our low student teacher ratio makes it possible.

  • Joy consultancy developed our own highly engaging and illustrative Joy books which bind different disciplines of study into one, dynamic world of knowledge. Each and every element of a Joy book has been carefully designed so that it meets these fundamental criteria.

  • It presents knowledge in a form that is interesting and easy to absorb and in a context that is grounded in the real world. It involves "learning by doing" approach. Joy books focus on enabling children to see and develop in depth of knowledge.

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. -Walt Whitman

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