Age : 4½ Yrs – 5½ Yrs
Timings : 9.00am – 12.30pm
Days : Monday – Friday
Academic Year : June – March
Ratio : 10 Kids     : 1 Caretaker    : 1 Teacher
Strength : 20 kids per class

UKG teachers possess a skillful personality and a unit of play way methods with formal education. UKG kids feel JOYKIDS as their school within play learning home.

  • Intra personal Skill: Know themselves in the first stage.
  • LSRW Program goes on with phonics.
  • A combination of formal writing with play methods is included in the curriculum.
  • Lots of talk shows, quiz will be conducted.
  • Exposure to one’s through and behaving independent is taught at JOYKIDS.
  • Gets ready to face public by giving interviews at primary schools with lots of confidence.
  • JOYKIDS includes sharing, discipline, independence, regularity, confidence at all kids.
  • UKG – Ready to step into new environment with a skilled confident personality.

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